At SISL, we provide comprehensive IT infrastructure services to our clients for both onshore and offshore models. From hardware to software, network and facilities, diverse IT infrastructure needs are fulfilled within industry standards framework. We can help you solve your IT infrastructure problem, by identifying, integrating and installing data centres, networking, computing devices, server, storage and virtualization.

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Our future-ready networking solutions help business connect and collaborate with higher flexibility and better control. We can help you get complete and secure networking solutions for both, small offices and large-scale enterprise networks. Right from consultation to planning and successful implementation, we are with you at every stage to ensure that you enjoy end-to-end networking solutions and improved business performance.

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Backed by our prominent security solutions’ partners, we hold the excellence in providing unparalleled on-premise and off-premise endpoint protection. Multi-layered security solutions empower IT professionals to detect data breach threats in real-time & optimize business processes. The early you detect the emerging cyber threats, the better you can prepare to the avert the blow.

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Software Licensing

Adopt modern software licensing models to benefit from the new-age subscription and user-based purchasing in the era of SaaS & mobile applications. In alliance with the best partners in the world, we can address your enterprise licensing requirements and manage your software inventories. Businesses across all major industry segments rely on us for simplified license configuration and pooled licensing.

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